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Your dog is trying to tell you something...

Black Dog


You see chewing, jumping, escaping.

You hear barking, growling, whining.

You feel frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted.

Lucky you, dog is my second language.


Allow me to interpret what your dog is communicating & identify solutions that are manageable for your schedule.

Our meeting includes an in home session followed up by a fully customized plan that will teach your dog to be more independent & relaxed.

How does it work?

  • Contact me via email to schedule an appointment.

  • Our meeting will be 1 hour.  First session I will learn everything I can about your dog.

  • After the meeting, you will receive a comprehensive email with a customized plan & list of supplies.

  • Meetings typically run 45 minutes to 1 hour.  

  • Cost $125 per session. 

  • Payment accepted via Venmo, Zelle, Check or Cash.

White Dog

About Me

I am Keri Siry. Nice to meet you!

I have been helping people & their dogs for over 20 years.  As a graduate of the Academy For Dog Trainers in 2001, my foundation of learning was truly unparalleled in the industry.  Over the years I began questioning the the application of "training" to some of the behaviors I saw in my client's pet dogs.  I began seeing a bigger picture & really viewing each dog as an individual with their own life experience, environment & needs.  

I find that most dogs are misunderstood & just need an interpreter! 

Seeing success with some small changes is really what makes me different.  I am a creative person who really wants to see your dog live their best life.

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